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At the Fotis Trading Academy we know that we’re nothing without our students. That’s why we do all we can to help our students achieve their goals and live their dream. For us an important part of this process is getting to know our students
individually and sharing in their journeys.

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On this page of our website you can hear what our students think about us. Like most trainers, we think we’re pretty darned good at what we do, but we find it extremely reassuring that so many of our students reach out to tell us so; and we think you will too. If you’d like to speak to any of the students featured on this, or any other page of our website, just let us know and we’ll put you in touch with each other.

My trading results have been transformed. I ended up with 1,165 pips on the USDJPY trade alone. I now have the skills, tools and training to become a professional trader thanks to this trading academy.

Jeff L.

Winfield IL. USA

Hey Marc, a note to let you know I was just stopped out of a 600 pip winner on the EUR/NZD that I entered on 6/10/2015.

This is the biggest trade ever for me on a live, real money account.

Kent B.

Springfield, MO US

Inspiring, a huge difference. Top quality sessions with all mentors, particularly Fotis.

For the first time, after 3 years of trying I feel being in that 5% is a real prospect not just a vague hope.

Judith W.

London UK

Thank you so much Fotis & Marc, I NEVER had results like this before.

I am + 48% in September alone!

I am on my way to achieving my goal of becoming a full time, professional trader.

Robbie S.

Mount Maunganui NZ

G’day Marc and Fotis, just a quick note to let you know that since joining the Academy there has been a dramatic change in my trading. I used to be happy with the odd win, followed by the odd loss(usually much larger). In other words my trading was going on a slow losing curve.

My analysis was purely technical based on lagging indicators: sometimes a coin toss would give me the same results.
I now have the understanding of what really drives the market, and I no longer purely trade price.

Fotis was excellent at showing me how stuff I was trying to complicate was in fact simple and easily understood. I did not need a business degree to get it.

Over the last eight weeks I have had a week where I took 1072 pips( yes I found it hard to believe), a week of 680, a week of 460, a week of 380. What impressed me hugely were the two weeks I did not trade because I did not want to do business in them(FOMC and NFP) This is new behaviour for me. I also had a week where it went wrong…..but I don’t want to talk about that one 😀

If anyone is wondering…….will this really help me? It worked for me.

You will receive assessment of your homework, webinars, investment meetings, and there is some pretty cool software too.

Thanks again,

Martin M (Tokolosh)

Perth WA (AU)

Hi Marc and Fotis,

I would first of all like to convey a heartfelt gratitude to you both for providing a training facility and within that facility an environment that has 110% plus integrity as 110% plus commitment to its students.

I have spent thousands of euros over the years on software promising me riches, for example, VantagePoint, each time the whole scenario turned out to be a waste of money. I then discovered ForexMentorPro which sent me in the right direction as far as discipline and learning to trade Forex was concerned.

The final piece of the jigsaw was when Fotis Papatheofanis joined forces with Marc Walton as this is ultimately when the whole penny dropped for me. The understanding of fundamentals taught me quite simply why currencies actually move in a particular direction. Their teachings have been a revelation not only to myself but to all of us who have the good fortune to be part of this amazing journey. My Demo account is currently up 12.09% and growing slowly as they have taught me, discipline and money management above all else.

In conclusion I am becoming a much more proficient trader grace of these 2 enterprising gentlemen at ‘Fotis Trading Academy.’ I highly recommend both Marc and Fotis to any wannabee traders. At the end of the day it is their total commitment and honesty at amazing bargain prices that have allowed me into this complex and fascinating world of currency trading.

Thanks to you both and may the journey to success continue

Patrick S


When I joined the team I was losing huge amounts of money, as I begun to work with a Broker Company who actually did guide me and led me with their ideas on what to do and how to do it. I was following them somehow blindly, but after finding Fotistradingacademy things changed.
I realized that continuing with the old way will not hold any positive change
I did open trades on a demo account with the ideas coming from Marc, and those seemed to be profitable.
The main advantage in the course besides the brilliant technical tools, is understanding the global macro reasons for the exchange rate moves.
This advantage is HUGE. Nothing else can convict more then to have a global macro base for each trade. This way one knows the direction, weak/strong economies, currencies. A speech or the changing sentiment can affect on the short term, but in the long run only the Global Macro counts.
On the course one learny to handle news and news flows, learns the basic macro topics which affect rates the most.
I am happy that I found the team and joined

Tibor V

From the bottom of my heart and on behalf of my wife and I, God Bless you both for the tremendous help and clarity you are giving others through your business.

Your’e giving folks like myself the BEST CHANCE we have for success.. I’m confident that this will end up being the best move I’ve ever made.

Jack H.


Thanks to Fotis and Marc at Fotis Trading Academy

I currently have a trade on GBP/USD while typing this I am up 745 pips on the short trade.I took half off at 600 pips and have 1 add at currently up 112 pips on add and stops in place.

Also I have closed a USD/CAD long trade this year for over 500 pips. My goal this year is a 1000 pip trade

Since starting here at Fotis Trading Academy I am being shown how to hold trades for huge profits using fundamental global macro analysis and combined with technical analysis. This has changed my trading from getting 100 pips and closing the trade to holding for the real move.

If you are serious about trading and would like to improve your technical analysis along with the addition of global macro fundamental analysis taught by Fotis Trading Academy then I highly recommend taking this course. It will take you from a Novice trader only making break even trades to a complete trader who is holding for the real move. Any level of trader can take this course and will see huge improvements in their trading and most importantly the analysis and how to use it in the markets.

Thank You Fotis Trading Academy

Brad T.

Toronto Canada

The one on one training from Marc gave my work on forex a hyperdrive. I was struggling over and over on the same things/issues. Now I am on my way to achieving my goals.

Peter Van L.

Dodewaard Holland

First of all I would like to thank Marc Walton and Fotis Papatheofanous for sharing your knowledge, experience and your systems with us. It is making a lot of difference in my trading.

I am a Nurse by profession and working as a full time clinical educator in UAE. I don’t have any formal education on economics or in finance.

I started trading forex after being introduced to it by one of my friends. I learned the basics by reading/watching different training videos. I spent money on many technical trading courses/systems, which never succeeded more than a few days.

I tried to perfect my technical trading system, and I spent a lot of money to program my ideas to indicator and EA. I bought indicators and EAs worth hundreds of dollars. At the end I lost my investment and EA/Indicator cost.

One day I met a professional trader in a coffee shop. Eventually our conversation turned to trading markets. He said to me that; learning to trade successfully is a gradual process and it includes a learning curve.

He advised me to find a MENTOR who can guide me rather than just a course/seminar. He explained to me about the importance of monitoring my trades and correcting.

So I googled, and found Marc Walton explained to me what the program is all about. It fitted my expectations and I am now on my 4th week of the course.

It changed my whole understanding about forex trading and now I already understand financial markets more clearly. And I am eagerly waiting for the next week’s education.

My funds have started to grow gradually and I am now able to enter trades with confidence and stay until my profit target is met.

My account has grown 2.89% after 6 trades.(without drawdown, without taking more than 0.05% risk on each trade).

Fotis trading academy has already given me a lot of confidence in my approach to trading the markets as a business.

I would like to thank the whole team who are working on helping me to achieve my goals.

Thanks again

Vinod D

Abu Dhabi

Over the years I have spent a lot on money on courses. Although I have known Marc Walton since the early days of Forex Mentor Pro and found it very useful, I was reluctant to sign-up for another set of courses. I have been a scalper for the last 2 to 3 years and been successful averaging 30 to 50 pips a day.

When Marc contacted me about a second running of the Global Macro course I thought I would have a look at the agenda and see whether there was much new content for me to learn. It was all new and about the fundamentals as opposed to the technical side of trading. So I thought this could help me with scalping the UK100.

There were two things that struck me about the course:

The clarity of presentation of the two presenters Marc and Fotis

The depth of the content

The weekly webinars showing you how to apply your new knowledge

Being in the education business myself I realise that knowledge on it own is fine but its how you apply it that gives the real benefits. Its all about the application.

I then joined the technical course and was blown-away by the F1 system, Auction Market theory and the Market Profile indicator that comes with the course. I now use the indicator in my scalping. Again the weekly webinars that show you how to apply the technical aspects are just brilliant. This course has taught me that trading 4 hour, Daily charts can and does work.

The two courses have shown me that there is a big world of trading out there. Sticking to an index or several Forex pairs can work for you but if you understand the big picture and all the different instruments that you can trade depending on market conditions then you will be much closer to being a Professional Trader.

Peter N.

Buntingford, UK

Hi Mark, I would just like to say that Fotis Trading Acadeny has helped me complement technical trading with fundamental analysis based on a global macro approach.

It has given me a true edge and understanding of the market conditions, risk management and extraordinary technical tools to become a profitable successful trader.

David C.


Hello, Marc and Fotis.

I’m still in demo and was up a few percent in my account until finfx informed me they were no longer accepting US clients, so I’ve had to start over at another broker which is fine. I’m modeling what I plan on going live with in the spring.

What I wanted you to know was that just the fact that this course has me thinking about fundamentals FIRST has been worth every dime!

I just want you to know that from my perspective, What I have already received from the course not only makes me realize what I was doing before was pure guessing, but I feel if I walked away from all of this tomorrow I ALREADY got my money’s worth.

I perceive that based on the structure I’m seeing within the member site in the future there will be a monthly membership available. If that ends up being the case, consider me a pest for life!!

From the bottom of my heart and on behalf of my wife and I, God Bless you both for the tremendous help and clarity you are giving others through your business. Your giving folks like myself the best CHANCE we have for success which of course is entirely up to the individual. Frankly, I’m confident that when it’s all said and done this will end up being the best move I’ve made.

May God’s richest blessing be yours,

Jack H.


Hi Marc and Fotis.

I’ve been a member of the Fotis Trading academy for a year now. I started as an amateur trader, trading on the fly, with no clear plan, jumping from one system to another. I had huge wins one month and constant losses the following months, which kept me after 3 years of trading in BE situation.

After one year with Fotis and Co. I am at a completely different place. I understand the economic landscape and forces in it. I plan my trades upfront with clear rules when to get in and out and why. Planning and understanding helps me with staying longer in winning trades (1200 pips in just one trade in June), avoiding losers, or cutting them short. My equity curve is on the rise in a steady controlled pace with no wild swings. I am 100% certain I will reach my goal to become a pro full time trader.

If you join the academy you get phenomenal fundamental and technical tools to use in your trading and you get great support and knowledge from experienced traders. In short everything you need to become a successful trader. The rest is up to you.

Guy R.


To Whom it may Concern

I have been in the financial markets for many years. Over the years I have tried several “Educational Trading” programs and have studied just about all the technical analysis tools available. Pro Trading Academy has proven to be the best value for my money by far. Pro Trading Academy caters to every level of trader, from beginner to advanced. Having mentors who are actively trading and who are willing to share the way they think and act as traders is quite rare. Most importantly, the recommended books to read and the psychology course included in the program, together with the incredible knowledge conveyed to me by my mentor, have launched me on a path of self discovery as a trader, that has been priceless. I now understand the physiology, psychology, fundamentals and technical aspects of trading, and I believe I have everything I need to be a professional trader, thanks to Pro Trading Academy


Los Angeles, Ca. USA

In my first attempt at trading FX a few years ago, I spent two years working really hard at learning as much as I could, and trying many technical systems I either read about or created myself. I eventually lost my whole account, and was convinced trading FX was something only large institutions could do successfully. Many times I even though I was unlucky when I got stopped out of good positions following news.
Since joining Fotis Trading Academy in December, I have learnt so much in such a short space of time, and haven’t had a losing month. I now know that understanding market fundamentals and why prices are acting as they are is vital to successful trading. My trading now feels relaxed and in control, with nothing to do most of the time. A massive thank you Marc and Fotis.

David S.

London, UK

Hi Fotis, Marc & the team, your training is intense and it’s given me the “edge” that I needed to turn mediocre results into a consistent monthly profit. I can honestly say that the Fotis Training Academy has been a turning point in my trading. In a space of just 8 weeks I’ve gone from “winning a few and losing a few” trades to being a consistent and confident trader.
To anyone reading this and considering joining the Academy; The training I receive from the mentors is intense and specific, I’ve learnt how to look at the wider economic picture to gain an advantage in discovering weaker and stronger economies.
This has meant that my average win has gone from 30 to 300 pips, my losers are minimal and my account is up 8.8% in the last month alone.
The Macro Economic training in particular has really been an eye-opener and has transformed my trading from a hobby into a possible professional career.
Brilliant, huge thanks to everyone.

Richard B.

West Sussex, UK

Hi Marc & Fotis, I’ve been trying to learn how to trade for almost a solid year now. Up until I found the Fotis Trading Academy a couple of months ago I was solely focused on the technical approach to trading. I would read over and over that you don’t need fundamentals and that if you could learn a technical system you could make a living at trading. What this approach caused me to do was to go down a rabbit hole of learning hundreds of technical indicators. Like many traders this caused me to chase pairs daily. I would search through 18-20 pairs every hour to find a setup, which inevitably would cause me to miss the good ones.
However, within a week of joining the Fotis Trading Academy I realized the pivotal piece I was missing. Looking at what moves the markets before the movements happen on the charts is a huge edge! Now I’m developing the confidence and conviction as to where I’m expecting the price to go instead of relying on a lagging indicator (and yes even candle sticks are lagging). Now when I do my weekly analysis I can narrow down my focus to just a handful of pairs. At that point I pull out my technical indicators and find my entries.
This has meant that my average win has gone from 30 to 300 pips, my losers are minimal and my account is up 8.8% in the last month alone.
The committee meetings and mentor sessions are invaluable! I am now confident that with both sides of this coin I will be well on my way to trading full time!
Thanks Fotis and Marc!

Nick C.


Futures and forex trading contains substantial risk and is not for every investor. An investor could potentially lose all or more than the initial investment. Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing ones financial security or life style. Only risk capital should be used for trading and only those with sufficient risk capital should consider trading. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

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