Exclusive One to One Private Mentoring

Bespoke one-on-one training on your own terms. Are you up for the challenge?


At the Fotis Trading Academy, we know that everyone likes to learn differently. So, if you’re someone who likes things on your terms and you are very serious about your trading, then our One-to-One Mentoring is for you. Our private exclusive training is a unique opportunity to train directly on a one-to-one basis with our experienced and successful professional traders. At the moment, we have only a small number of places available for people who we decide truly have the potential to make it as traders. Once selected, those people will train privately with either Fotis Papatheofanous or Beat Nussbaumer.

This is a strictly limited time offer and only a few places are available every period for this Exclusive Training program. If you think you have what it takes, and you are willing to put the effort to become a professional trader, send us a msg to let us know about your interest. You will join our waiting list for this program and we will let you know immediately when a place is available.

Go ahead your journey starts with a simple message!

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