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Frequently asked questions

What can you offer that I cannot get at other online trading schools?

Fotis Trading Academy is one of the few trading academies in the world where it’s successful,
professional traders who head up the training team. When you train with us, you’ll benefit from the
experience of professional traders who are trading huge funds themselves; and that’s pretty unique.

Do I need to have trading experience to join the Fotis Trading Academy?

No. You can join the Fotis Trading Academy even if you’ve never traded before. Needless to say, most students
reach their goal faster if they have some experience. That said, we’ve found that some students who’ve traded
before find it hard to “unlearn” bad habits, so being a beginner can even be an advantage. But you can rest
assured that at the Fotis Trading Academy we’ll accompany you from wherever you are now to wherever you
want to be in the best possible way.

I am struggling to get beyond breakeven, can you help me progress? 

Absolutely. Our training methodology at the Fotis Trading academy is perfect for anyone who’s been trading
for a few years but is struggling to break through the trader’s glass ceiling and become consistently
profitable. We know what it takes to get you past this tough and frustrating stage (because we and many of
our past students have been there) and you only need to read our Student Testimonials to see that what we
do works.

How long does it take to complete your trading courses?

Most of our trading courses can be completed within a matter of months. Typically, people who have sufficient
time to commit can complete the training within about 3 months. That said, there are other students who
neither have the time available to achieve these timescales, nor the desire, so choose to work at their own
pace. The course fees include 6- or 12-months access to the website and you can extend that at the end for a
small monthly fee if you wish. Both options are perfectly acceptable at the Fotis Trading Academy; we’re here
to help you in the best way possible.

Once I have paid the fee, is there anything else to pay?

Absolutely not. At the Fotis Trading Academy we believe in transparent pricing. Once you’ve paid your
training fee there is nothing else to pay unless you want to avail of any additional Training Solutions.

Do I need any special equipment to follow your courses?

When you join Fotis Trading Academy, as your Trader Training Solution partner, there’s no need to invest in any
additional equipment. So, all you’ll need is your PC, tablet or phone an internet connection and a whole lot of motivation!

What payment methods do you accept? 

We offer secure payment methods. You can pay with your credit card through Stripe, or Paypal, or direct bank wire transfer.
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