Meet Member Jack

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new traders case studyNOW MEET MEMBER JACK

Jack is a 54-year-old factory worker who works physically demanding, 12-hour rotating shifts.

Although Jack’s pay and benefits are good and the business is strong, it’s not the kind of job he wants to be doing up to and maybe even beyond normal retirement age.

Combine this situation with Jack’s relatively insignificant pension from his job and government benefits like Social Security and Medicare that are more than likely to disappear in the fullness of time. You begin to see why Jack (like many, many, many people from his generation),realized he had a real need for an ability to generate an income well into the future.

The Fotis Trading Academy challenge Jack’s priority was to be able to do this from the comfort of his own home, “depending on nobody but myself.”

Update May 2017: Jack is now trading for private clients and sharing in the profits. So even if you don’t have a big enough account to quit your job, then trading for others is one of the choices you will have when you complete your training.

That’s where the Fotis Trading Academy came into the picture. Jack discovered the world of forex trading a couple of years before he joined the academy.  He’d read of people who had really done well at it and appealed to him. That said he was ever conscious of the extremely high failure rate and the fact that learning to trade is a marathon, and not a sprint.

Starting out, Jack developed a passion for trading and now describes that passion as ‘a real love’.  At that point he knew that to succeed he had to get some professional training.  Cleverly, he decided that the best time to do so was while he still had his full time income to rely on.  He also had a bit of capital thanks to the fact that he and his wife happened to be downsizing from their larger home of 14 years into something more cost and space efficient. Everything was stacked in favor of Jack taking the leap of faith into trading at that time.

Jack’s view Like many other students at the Fotis Trading Academy, Jack started as a member at Marc Walton’s “Forex Mentor Pro” Academy.  That’s where Jack became impressed by Marc and developed a real trust for what was on offer under the Marc Walton trader training umbrella. Although Jack stumbled over the Fotis Trading Academy somewhat by accident, he’s clear about what appealed to him most.  In his own words, Jack says “What I found was a teaching site that was extremely well laid out and offered great technical training for the lowest cost I had seen anywhere.”

Jack goes on to explain: “The guys running these sites have huge integrity and professionalism and that was clear to me from the beginning.  Through the expert analysis given by Marc and the other mentors both at the beginning, midweek, and end of the week, it was obvious these were men who actually made their living from trading. And they were always keen to point out that the mission was for you to learn HOW they do it, so you can learn to do it for yourself.  I know that in the world of trader training, what I’d stumbled on was pretty special and maybe even unique”

Jack’s viewpoint was confirmed by the other students he shared experiences with on the forum.  In short, he saw that those who were willing to put in the time, effort and perseverance it takes to make it in trading were getting very good results.

Why Fotis Trading Academy? Jack explains that he didn’t come to the academy cold.  His experience at Forex Mentor Pro, meant that he already knew and appreciated the professionalism of the people on the team. While he realizes now that he could have benefited much more in his time at Forex Mentor pro, he also accepts that his schedule at the time simply didn’t allow for that.  He’s the first to admit that he hadn’t invested any real money at that point, so was happy to move “onwards and upwards”.

What truly impressed Jack about the traders at the Fotis Trading Academy was that they not only understood the technical aspects of trading and price movement on the charts, but also understood what was actually driving the markets or the “why” price was doing what it was. As Jack says himself: “These were the traders who struck me as the most seasoned, the real elite. They all seemed to have this type of knowledge, even though it was a foreign language to me at the time.

I now have the knowledge to not only understand this type of analysis, but am able to go out and do my own research and analysis in order to identify trading opportunities from a global macro perspective. It’s as though before this I was simply guessing. The proprietary trading tools that are provided to us as students also help increase our probabilities.” Talking about his experience today, Jack points out: “And now even when I have losing trades (and unfortunately that’s just part of the trading business) I have a better understanding of what happened, hoping to avoid the same mistakes in the future and see it as part of the learning curve.” Benefits When asked to summarize what Jack sees as the major benefits of working with the Fotis Trading Academy he is clear.  Here’s what he has to say:

  • I now have a “top down” approach to the forex markets based on global macro analysis and an understanding of how the short, medium, and long-term catalysts influence the markets.
  • I have learned to first identify what type of market environment I am in, so that I can apply the correct method of trading to take advantage of it. This alone has helped me improve my performance dramatically and saved me from many foolish mistakes I’ve made in the past.
  • I have access to great trading tools to apply to whatever type of market I am in, along with a greatly improved understanding of the technical side of trading.
  • I have learned that risk is the only thing we really can control in the markets and what we are looking to do is increase our probabilities. I have also learned that this can be done.
  • As a result, since I’ve begun tracking a demo/training account based on the amount I plan to trade with I haven’t had a losing month yet. I’m currently in my fifth month. And I’m learning new things all the time while doing this around my job.

Quote Asked to sum up his experience in a couple of phrases, Jack says: “Of all of the advanced schools of trading I have investigated, some of which are run by some of the “Rock Stars” of the trading world, I have found the Fotis Trading Academy to offer the best value for my money in terms of structured learning, proprietary trading tools and the expert guidance along the way from guys who truly make a living from trading.

They are what I would describe as “unsung heroes” of the fund management and trading school world.  I am extremely grateful for both the education I’m receiving, as well as the fact that I found them!” Like Jack you can benefit from the Fotis Trading Academy experience. [xyz-ihs snippet=”Three-Buttons”] [/et_pb_text][et_pb_text admin_label=”CFTC” global_module=”11525″ saved_tabs=”all” background_layout=”light” text_orientation=”left” text_font_size=”10″ text_text_color=”#9b9b9b” text_line_height=”1.5em” use_border_color=”off” border_color=”#ffffff” border_style=”solid” background_position=”top_left” background_repeat=”repeat” background_size=”initial”]

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