A mastery of Macro Fundamental Analysis is all you need to gain an edge in the market. Go from amateur to pro over several weekly sessions that let you work at your own pace. That’s all the time it takes! Getting the hang of trading isn’t as hard as it seems. After all, financial markets are all inter-related. An event in one sector will often indicate or correlate with an event in another. Take copper, for example. The price of copper can directly influence specific currency values. Likewise, interest rates can affect currency prices as well.

Upon course completion, you’ll be able to call the shots easily. Did the FED raise interest rates? You saw it coming a week ago. Did Chinese Equities drop on growth concerns? You made the trade before the panic set in on the public and made a killing. See, it’s all about having a bird’s eye view and identifying early signs; they’re all there, but many inexperienced traders don’t take the time to do their diligence, losing tons of money.

The Global Macro Pro Trader program prepares you against the initial mistakes rookies make. You’ll learn to act instead of react. You’ll put all the pieces together before every trade and identify when to buy, sell, and hold. Most importantly, you’ll gain the discipline necessary to stick with your logical instead of acting on your emotions to maximize your profits.

Master the exclusive skills that only a few traders have, and your opportunities are endless. Members of the Global Macro Pro Trader Program later move on to futures, CFDs, commodities, indices and stocks, as well as managing their own portfolios and pension arrangements.

Understanding macroeconomic fundamentals is no harder than understanding how “object A affects object B”. It’s all about identifying correlations, and that’s all it takes to becoming a global trader.


With our flagship solutions, you’ll have access to our extensive Macro Fundamentals Course, our Professional Technical Analysis Course, and much more.

Learn how to become an excellent trader and investor by learning from our experienced and accomplished trade professionals and our online community. Not only will you have access to a wealth of information, but our trade professionals will literally sit you through their actual trades to show you how they do it. Where else will you have an opportunity like that?

Watch a Pro Trader, be a Pro Trader

Accountability and Trader Mentoring

Behind every successful trade is an accountable trader. We mentor all our members to hold themselves accountable for every trade, building the discipline necessary to be patient and make smarter trades.

Our hands-on mentoring provides an accessible structure and environment that fosters accurate learning and paves the path to a future in professional trading.

Accountable traders make smarter

Exclusive Professional Strategies and Trading Indicators for Smarter Decisions

At the Fotis Trading Academy, we have invested all of our efforts in developing proprietary trading strategies you can only see here. We believe that by taking a top-down approach, you will gain the ability to see patterns like no other trader. With a better view of the market, you’ll be able to easily spot the opportunities hedge funds and big financial institutions are taking advantage of. Want to see what they see? Then our program is for you!

See the market the way wealthy institutions do for smarter decisions

Enroll Now for the Full(er) Package

We want to provide you with a comprehensive, easy-to-follow lesson set on Forex trading. The course is neatly divided into weekly segments that let you work at your own pace. From day 1, you’ll have access to over 100 hours of webinars, live training sessions, and weekly team meetings. We even have a beginner’s Technical Trading course if you’ve never traded before or need a refresher.

Members will also benefit from additional courses with every purchase of a Global Macro Pro Trader Program. You’ll have access to the Advanced Technical Analysis course, Auction Market Theory and Marketing Profile course, and Options Trading course. It’s a fuller package for the member who’s ready to be a more versatile, well-rounded trader.

By combining the original and additional free courses, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a world-class trader. Oh, and let’s not forget that you also get access to an interactive community with other students and mentors via our FTA FX Desk for free (that’s an annual savings of $1,188). We don’t call it the “Global” Macro Pro Trader Program for nothing.

Three free courses if you thought hundreds of hours of content wasn’t enough

Meet Weekly with Our Professionals

The professionals behind Fotis Trading Academy will guide you from the beginning until you are confident enough to trade on your own. It’s the caring individuals behind Fotis Trading Academy that truly set it apart from the other trading academies with weekly interactive meetings and live training sessions.

Beat and Fotis deliver the macroeconomic and technical analyses for the week to come in every meeting. During these meetings, you’ll have direct access to professionals with every opportunity to ask as many questions as you like. Many students find these weekly meetings to not only be the most valuable portion of the program, but the most valuable trading experience they’ve ever had. Most find the price worth it just for the meetings alone. And if for any reason you’re not available for a meeting, we record them for convenient future use!

Never skip a beat and keep up to date with the latest trade analyses in our weekly meetings.

Train weekly with our second to none professionals

The Only Program You Need to Become a Successful Trader

Are your trades coming in short? Maybe you’re not making the large profits you’re looking for? Or maybe you’re just starting out and want to make sure you’re making the right decisions from the get-go?

No matter what trade you’re on, if you’re serious about becoming a professional trader or running your own trade business, this program is what you need to become a professional. Treat your trading like a business, and it will pay like a business. Treat it like a hobby, and it’ll suck your cash the way hobbies do. The Global Macro Pro Trader Program is geared toward serious traders looking for the tools and strategies to start trading like a successful business.

A Peek Inside Our Global Macro Pro Trader Course

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  • Introduction to Forex Options Course
  • FREE 12-month access to FTA’s FX Desk (includes daily Technical analysis, Fundamental Insights, Live News and High Probability Trading Ideas) – A $1,188 savings!
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    Advanced Technical Trading Course
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    Auction Market Theory and Market Profile Complete Course
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    Market Profile Indicator exclusively for MT4
  • Access to Proprietary Trading Strategies and Indicators for MT4
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