• Accurately understand what is happening in the Global Financial Markets
  • Be able to identify High Probability patterns that lead to important reward-risk opportunities
  • Have more confidence to “pull the trigger” and stay in trades longer to make more


Macro Fundamental Analysis provides a “trading EDGE” that will take you from being an amateur trader to a professional by propelling your results to new levels. Training is neatly divided into weekly segments that let you work at your own pace. When you have completed the course, you’ll be able to reject the reactive strategies that most amateur traders use in the hope of making profits.

After the course, you’ll be able to use this top down approach to analyze what’s happening around the globe and calculate where the price of a currency is going to go before it happens. This method will bring your trading to a level that you can barely imagine right now.

You will learn to understand that all financial markets are inter-related and how action in one sector is often a great indicator of what will happen next in others. For example, you’ll be able to interpret why the likes of the price of copper can influence specific currency pairs, or how interest rate differentials or government policies affect prices generally. Once you have this knowledge, it’ll be you who calls the trading shots.

When you’ve completed this course, you’ll have the knowledge to put all the pieces of the trading and investment puzzle together before using your technical analysis capabilities to pinpoint entries, stops and targets. Adding the macro fundamentals string to your bow is what will give you the confidence to stay in trades longer and reap greater profits from every trade.

This knowledge will place you amongst a small group of traders who really understand what is happening around the world financially. Once you have mastered it, you will have the potential to trade futures, CFDs, commodities, indices and stocks as well as manage your own portfolios and pension arrangements. That’s powerful stuff.

Macro-Economic Fundamentals isn't rocket science and with our help, within just a few short months you will have the skills to take your trading to a whole new level.

Start trading like a true pro in less time than you imagine

This is our flagship training solution which gives you access to our extensive Macro Fundamentals Course PLUS our Professional Technical Analysis Course and a whole lot more.

This course will allow you to become an excellent trader and investor by learning from the our experienced and accomplished faculty.

Where else will you get a chance to be a "fly on the wall" and sit in during live training sessions to find out what we’re going to trade in the week ahead? You will be able to tap into the the wealth of information we share in our online community.

For serious students wanting to become trading pros

Accountability is a key success factor

Accountability & Trader Mentoring

Accountability is a important element of success. Our accountability process is what has allowed many a trading students go from from "playing at" trading to reading the status of a professional trader. 

Our hands-on approach emulates the structured and disciplined environment in which professional traders train and sets you off on a professional path from day one.

EXCLUSIVE Professional Strategies and Trading Indicators to make your decisions more informed

At the Fotis Trading Academy, we have invested a lot in developing our OWN Proprietary trading strategies and indicators to make your life as a trader easier and make your decisions more informed. Would you like to know EXACTLY where the hedge funds and the big boys are trading? Where is the true support and resistance? How to accurately pinpoint your entry and manage your risk? Then our OWN trading software will help you!

Our indicators makes trading easier

Three more courses, added gratis

Bonus: We Throw in MOre Courses to Help You Succeed

The students enrolled in the course also get access to Advanced Technical Analysis course, Auction Market Theory and Market Profile course, and the Options Trading course. This means when you bring to the table your work ethic and the determination to succeed, we provide everything else you could possibly need to make trading your future professional career. This is how we will help you reach your goals!

When you successfully combine Macro-Economic Fundamentals with Technical Trading, you’ll become one of the elite traders around the globe. This is exactly what our Global Macro Pro Trading Course lets you do.

This Global Macro Pro Trading Course is neatly divided into weekly segments that let you work at your own pace. And if you’re a complete beginner or haven’t traded for a while, you’ll also benefit from our complete Technical Trading Course. Right from Day 1, you’ll have access to over 100 hours of webinars; live training sessions and historic Weekly Team Meetings. This huge library of material is an excellent educational resource on its own.

Weekly COaching Meetings with Your Trading Mentors

It’s the people at the Fotis Trading Academy that really sets us apart. From the beginning we will guide you through the early stages of the course, so you need never feel alone. And on a weekly basis you’ll get access to Weekly Interactive Meetings & Live Training Sessions.

Our weekly Meetings are where Beat and Fotis deliver their macro & technical analysis for the week ahead. During the Live Training Sessions, you’ll get global macro-economic & technical analysis directly from Fotis. When you come to the meetings you’ll get the chance to ask as many questions as you want. This opportunity to have direct access to a team of successful professionals is almost unheard of (and many students tell us is worth the membership fee on its own!). And if for any reason you can’t join the meeting, you get access to a recording.

Add to this the access you’ll get to our FTA’s FX Desk where you can interact with other students and mentors who have already completed the courses and you start to see what a great opportunity this really is.

Our trading coaches are second to none

Everything you need to become a professional trader

If you are so close to trading success that you can almost "smell" it, this may be the missing piece of the pizzle to help you join the ranks of trading professionals. 

This course is for serious students only. Treat trading like a business, and have it pay like a business. Treat it like a hobby, and have it suck your cash away like hobbies do. 

No matter whether you’re a complete trading rookie who’s just watched 90% of your account disappear in less than 90 days and are on the verge of giving up; or if you’re a reasonably successful retail trader, this Global Macro Pro Trading Course will help you level up your trading skill. It provides the tools and the strategy to help you become a trading pro.

A quick peek inside this course

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  • Introduction to Forex Options Course
  • FREE 12-month access to FTA’s FX Desk (includes daily Technical analysis, Fundamental Insights, Live News and High Probability Trading Ideas)
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    Advanced Technical Trading Course
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    Auction Market Theory and Market Profile Complete Course
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    Market Profile Indicator exclusively for MT4
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    Access to Proprietary Trading Strategies and Indicators for MT4
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    Weekly Live Sessions with REAL established professionals
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