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Global Macro-Fundamental strategies and tactics.

Comprehensive E-book

Learn everything you need about Global Macro analysis and how to apply this in your trading.

Master Price Action

Discover the best trading setups, in up or down markets that will give you an edge.

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Combine together Macro Fundamental and Price Action strategies just like real pro traders do.

Trade Any Market

Trade any instrument, from Forex to CFDs and Stocks, under any economic environment .

Global Macro Book

A 200-page extensive e-book on applying Global Macro Fundamentals to gain an edge in trading. This is a step-by-step guide that will show you how to perform Macro Fundamental analysis and practically apply this to improve your trading decisions.

Insightful Training Videos

Along with the book Fotis will additionally explain to you, in a mini video series, exactly how to perform and apply Macro Fundamental analysis, together with Technical, so you can discover the next big swing trade for bigger profits.

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We have created a value-rich program on Global Macro Trading that is easy to understand and helps with your analytical skills. It has all the information you need to start trading successfully!
Fotis Papatheofanous
Senior Trader & Co-Founder

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