Experience directly  from industry professionals how they trade the markets and learn to do it on your own

Watch and learn from successful, professional traders

Trading could prove to be very tough

Here at the FTA FX Desk, we are by your side and show you how to think and operate like a seasoned professional.

How many traders around the world have the opportunity to have someone successful and experienced by their side learn from? Outside of Fotis Trading Academy, not very many.

Learn from us and our proven  trading process before you go ahead and risk your hard earned money.

Manage the risk by working with seasoned pros

Market data feed & proprietary signals 

Become Profitable FASTER than you Expect

Watching us explaining our trading ideas and demonstrating how we technically pull our trades, not only offers you amazing insights but also helps you to avoid making mistakes and take bad trades that would put your account into serious risk.

That gives you the realistic opportunity to become profitable much faster in less time than you imagine.

Experience how institutional Forex traders operate

You don’t need to feel lonely and desperate in your trading journey. Watch us call the shots in real time, our detailed thinking behind the trades, our technical analysis and much more!

Market data feed & proprietary signals 

See trades live in the trading room 


You get to see everything happening live in front of you before we actually take the trades, with full commentary, charts, live updates. 

The trading room is open weekdays from AM ET to PM UK time.

Join the FTA FX Desk and enjoy These benefits:

  • Daily technical Analysis
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    Daily Macro Economic Analysis and Insights
  • Daily Trading Ideas with High Reward Risk Ratios
  • LIVE Updates during significant developments
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    Weekly Traders’ Podcast
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    Members’ Only Chat Room
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    Interact and Learn from Professional Traders

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