Stay Positive

Pull up a seat; we’re going to teach you how to manage risk like a pro, showing you everything there is to know about growing your hard-earned money. We’re all about staying positive, and so are our members. Our proven trading methods puts your hard-earned money to work for you.

Minimize risk and stay positive even in the roughest market

Witness Real Trade Examples

We wouldn’t risk our own money if we didn’t know what we were doing. Watch us pull trades as we explain the ideas and thought processes behind them. You’ll learn valuable insights to make the right decisions, avoid mistakes, and earn a profit sooner than you’d expect.

Profitable indicators and strategies

Make a Living Trading Forex

The strategies we use and teach in our program are the same used by large financial institutions! Make your fortune using the Fotis Trading Academy’s proven methods and analyses.

Trade like a hedge fund

Don’t Go It Alone

See it all live with full commentary. Join us in the trading room weekdays from Monday to Friday (am-pm).

Take a seat at the trade floor with us


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