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FTA Exclusive Private Mentoring


Be mentored privately with your best interests at heart, no one else’s.


Be mentored privately with your best interests at heart, no one else’s.

Fast track your life and achieve the financial freedo m you deserve


The trader that’s just starting out, testing the waters with a few bucks here and there, dreaming of a windfall of money coming someday.

The trader that’s been at it for a while, and sort of gets the hang of it. Maybe you win some. Maybe you lose some, but you’d really like to win some more.

The successful trader that’s just on the brink of turning this into a career but needs that extra “oomph” to really hit the next level

We’re willing to make a bet you’re one of these traders. And you know what? No matter where you fall on this narrow spectrum, you and every one of these traders has one thing in common. You want to make money. Not just a little of it, a lot of it. Every trader is looking for fortune, the kind that will get them out of their nine to five and into an easy life of effortless trading at home.

Here’s where you’re at an advantage over the rest. You’re already following the #1 rule to successful trading. You’re doing your due diligence. You’ve already started step #1. Research. You have what it takes to become one among many traders who have come in to this program as beginners, and out as wealthier, freer professional traders.

So, here’s the magic of our one-on-one mentoring. We catch traders like you in your early stages of growth, we foster that desire to learn more, and we spark that motivation to keep going. But what happens next? Success? Not really. Fotis Trading Academy’s’ Exclusive One-On-One Mentoring program goes beyond the traditional mentoring model. We’re also advisors. We’re coaches. We’re partners. But most importantly, we’re teachers, imparting upon you the decades of combined experience in top financial institutions like Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, and Morgan Stanley.

Before we get started trading like the big guys, we just want to be clear about one thing. We don’t want you jumping into this without knowing if it’s the right fit for you.
We don’t hand out mentorships to just about anyone. This is a unique opportunity to work with serious professionals, so you have to be just as serious. We open a small number (X amount) of spots per quarter (insert) and they are quickly filled. Do you think you have what it takes to grab a spot?

You have to have the right growth mindset. Negativity won’t get you anywhere, and you have to WANT to succeed.

And growth doesn’t happen overnight. If you want to achieve steady, daily profitability, you need to learn the skills we practice every day, in every trade.

No matter what trader you are, you’re here because you want to be BETTER at it. You’re done taking shortcuts. You’re ready to take your modest earnings from supplemental salary to primary income.

Did you know that the average bachelor’s degree in finance costs anywhere between $24,000 and $75,000? How about that students have amassed a debt of over $1.5 trillion in the US alone? We’re not going to sugarcoat it, our program isn’t cheap, per se. But it’s a whole hell of a lot cheaper than putting yourself into more than $24,000 worth of debt. We also happen to offer one of the lowest prices to comparable services in the industry. The other guys with little to no professional experience with unfounded results are offering similar programs for upwards of $10,000.

Us? We’re giving it to you for just $7,000. It may sound like a lot, but not when you consider it to be $19,000 less than going to school for four years and $3,000 less than the competition. As a matter of fact, it’s been recommended we increase our prices considering our place among the competition; but we value the success of our mentees over our own success too much to prevent people from joining over a silly thing like a price.

Either way, succeed and you’ll make those $7,000 back, EASILY. In fact, some of our mentees are earning 1% -2% per month, while others have earned at least 10%.

Memorize that number. Tell yourself you’re ready to beat that, and if you’ve convinced yourself you’re ready, then convince us too.


An exclusive one-on-one mentoring program with all the tools and support you need to:

Stop making the same mistakes repeatedly with our personalized training

By personally assisting you via private sessions, bonus resources, professional feedback

With access to proprietary software, members-only training videos, and once in a lifetime opportunities

So you can one day quit your job, and

Trade full time from home, the beach, or your vacation home, and

Retire early without ever having to worry about money again!

We’re there for you. Every step of the way

You get OUR personal time whenever you need it. Made a mistake? We’ll fix it and help you avoid it next time. Stuck? Give us a buzz. No matter what, we’re there for you. Whenever.

This is your future. What is it worth to you? You might think you’re making a one-time purchase for a course. But it’s more than that. This is a valuable investment in your future lifestyle. An investment that has the potential for six-figure returns, a personal vacation home in Hawaii, the sexiest exotic cars, whatever you can dream of.

To sum everything up: You’re ready to start if you:

Are truly dedicated to the trade

Are convinced you can do this

Have the right mindset

Are ready to make the change to the six-figure life you deserve!

Remember, spots are limited, and one-way seats to a lavish lifestyle like these don’t come around often. We’ve only got limited spots left and it may be your last opportunity. So, will you join us?