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Access our Research service and we’re going to show you how to think and trade like a real pro, showing you everything there is to know about growing your hard-earned money. Watch us analyze and take trades, as we explain the ideas and thought processes behind them. You’ll gain valuable insights to make the right decisions, avoid mistakes and finally become profitable!
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No Need To Trade Alone!

Not only you will get access to our private members'area but, our experienced traders will literally sit you through their actual trades to show you how they do it. Plus you can ask questions and interact with other members in our community. No need to trade on your own again. Where else will you have an opportunity like that?  
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Global Macro Analysis

Get to know the macro-economic narrative that affects the market's environment and drives price action.

Technical Analysis

Understand the technical structure of the markets, who is in control, the buyers or, the sellers and benefit from our pro level technical analysis.

Trading Ideas and Insights

Access amazing insights and high-probability trading ideas that you can use straight away and supercharge your trading results.

LIVE Updates

What are the factors that affect the overall economy? Understand how factors work and you will know what happens next. We keep you covered, with live updates.

Receive Signal Alerts

Our team spends hours dissecting and analyzing information, so we can provide only the highest quality trading signals. 

Updates on Active Trades

We put everything together into a high probability, high reward/risk strategy and keep you updated on all the trades we take.

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My trading results have been transformed. I ended up with 1,165 pips profit on the USDJPY trade alone. I now have the skills and training to become a better trader thanks to Fotis Trading Academy. 
Jeff L. - USA
After one year with Fotis I am at a completely different place. I understand the economic landscape and forces in it. I plan my trades upfront with clear rules when to get in and out and why.
Guy R. - Netherlands
Before I joined FTA, I was like every other retail trader, struggling and losing money, until I got fed up and got a mentor. Three months later, my trading account gained over 7% in October and 19% in total.
Assim M. - U.K.
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