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Learn to Trade Just Like a REAL Hedge Fund Trader

The MOST COMPLETE trader training program that will show you, step-by-step, how to trade and analyse the markets, like a real hedge fund trader. Learn to trade Stocks, ETFs, Mutual Funds and Currencies, UNDER ANY conditions and manage your own portfolio successfully.



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InvesLike a  REAL Hedge Fund Manager

  • Learn to Invest Like a Hedge Fund Manager…

    Comprehensive Training
    • Learn to trade just like hedge fund managers and guru investors
    • Discover and learn how to apply the best asset allocation strategies
    • Long or Short learn to trade any instrument, from stocks, to ETFs and Currencies under any conditions  
  • …and Start Building Your Wealth Faster!

    Acquire the skills to start trading like a professional trader and manage your investment portfolio successfully! Bullish or bearish conditions, through good or bad economic times, learn how to "read" the business cycle and create robust "all-weather" portfolios.

Discover the Winning Strategies of Rock-Star Investors

What do you wish to trade? Stocks? ETFs? Perhaps, you are into currencies. Whatever the case is have you ever thought how popular hedge fund managers and star investors are doing it? In this course, you will learn, step-by-step, the winning strategies of professional portfolio managers and how they approach the markets. You will learn everything you need, from Value Investing, Growth Stocks, Global Macro Trading and discover all the tactical allocation strategies that banks and asset managers use. 
Senior FTA Mentor - Beat Nussbaumer
learn global macro

Accurately Predict And Understand The Global Macro Narrative

trade like a hedge fund

Get Professional Level Training and Learn How to Make a Living Trading

all-weather performance

Create An Investment Portfolio For All Different Market Conditions

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Trade Like the Pros In Financial Markets

Learn how to apply a Top-Down Global Macro approach in your analysis and understand where we are on the business cycle. This will help you find great opportunities and get an edge. You will learn how to find stocks with high reward/risk profiles and even use Options to leverage the odds in your favor. Learn how to create Multi-Asset Portfolios, using Stocks, ETFs and Mutual Funds just like an asset manager.  

Invest Like a Hedge Fund and Supercharge Your Portfolio

This is one of the most comprehensive online trader training program that will show you how to start investing like a hedge fund and manage your investment portfolio.  You will learn all the tactics and strategies professional portfolio managers use to manage their clients' funds. Develop your skills in areas such as Global Macro Fundamentals, "reading" the business cycle, identifying winning stocks and creating multi-asset portfolios, for all-weather conditions. Get ready to start investing like a real professional in a matter of months!
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get a career  in trading

Earn Your Master Certificate in Trading and Asset Management

Learn the strategies and tools used by the world's top traders & asset managers
Boost your confidence and acquire skills that will help your career
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Here is what we will cover in
the program

Macro Fundamentals

Get to know the macro-economic factors that affect the narrative and drive price action.

Top-Down Approach

Understand how the overall economy drives the markets and how this affects asset prices.

Trade Like a Fund

Learn the strategies and methods of guru investors and multi-billion fund managers and start trading like a pro.

Profit in Up or Down Markets

Learn how to analyze the business cycle and use the right strategy and benefit from both Long and Short positions.

Understand Asset Allocation

In the Strategic and Asset Allocation Modules, you will learn everything about creating and managing an investment portfolio, just like a bank.

Multi-Asset Approach

Stocks, Bonds, ETFs, Mutual Funds, Commodities, Currencies, learn how to combine different asset classes into a profitable, robust portfolio.
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Take Control Of Your Money and Your Life

Are you absolutely confident that you will be able to receive
a pension in the future? Have you considered the impact
from the fast changing global environment to your pension or investment portfolio?
If you wish to find out what really happens in the world,
upcoming new key trends in finance and society, as well as,
what matters most for you and your own wealth then this is
the place to start!
Grow your skills at your own pace

Start Investing Like a Hedge Fund Trader!

Learn how to trade and invest in Stocks, ETFs, Mutual Funds, FOREX and manage your multi-asset portfolio, just like a real professional. Discover how to create your own all-weather, portfolio and start building your wealth much faster.
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Our Personal Guarantee

Nothing feels better than making your first profitable trade. The one where you put in days of work and diligent research and goes exactly as you predicted.

As a Professional Portfolio Manager and Trader we are providing you with a one-of-a-kind Stock Trading and Portfolio Management program, with that goal in mind, that very first profit, for every member.

But that’s just the first step!

Having navigated volatile markets through historical crises and prosperous markets we have condensed decades of experience into this program. We’re excited to show you what those years of experience have taught us and see what they will teach you.
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