Global Macro Forex Trader

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Program Features
  • Macro & Technical's
  • For All Levels 
  • 12 month Access
  • 20+ Videos
  • Trading Strategies
  • Self-Assessments 
Course overview
In this trading course, you will gain an understanding of the Global Macro Fundamental and Technical factors that drive Forex prices.
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everything you need to trade SUCCESSFULLY
Learn to use Macro Fundamentals in your analysis and apply Price Action Tactics, just like a Pro trader from day one. The study material is divided into easy to read articles and videos, to explain all the necessary concepts, in an easy to understand method. Added cheat sheets and strategies are also provided for your benefit, to help you develop the skills needed to trade successfully. 

Take Your Trading To The  Next Level

  • Apply Global Macro & Technical Analysis like a Pro...

    Extensive Training
    • Training neatly divided into weekly segments that let you work at your own pace
    • Comprehensive Global Macro Fundamental Training that can be practically used in your trading
    • Ability to trade both longer term time-frames and intra-day strategies with a distinctive edge
  • …and Become Consistently Profitable

    Are you frustrated with your results? Or maybe you’re just starting out and want to make sure you’re making the right decisions? No matter what trade you’re on, this program is what you need to start making consistent profits.

Understand What Will Happen in Financial Markets Before it Does 

With the Global Macro Training we offer, you will identify what is more likely to happen next and understand the macro narrative in financial markets. It's not hard! After all, financial markets are all inter-related. An event in one market will often correlate with an event in another. Take copper, for example. The price of copper can directly influence specific currencies. Likewise, interest rates can affect other currency prices, bonds and equities as well. Learn Global Macro and be one step ahead of other traders!
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Write your awesome label here.

Use Proven Strategies And Increase Your Returns

The "Global Macro Forex Trader" program prepares you against the initial mistakes traders make. You’ll learn to act instead of react. You’ll put all the pieces together before every trade and identify when to buy, sell, and hold. Most importantly, you’ll gain the discipline necessary to stick with your logic instead of, acting on your emotions, to maximize your profits.
understand the narrative

Accurately Predict How Global Financial Markets Will Act

discover the right set ups

Identify The Patterns And Opportunities To High Reward-Risk Trades

all weather approach

Trade Any Instrument Under Any Conditions And Benefit from Up or Down Markets


Here is what we will cover in
this course

Macro Fundamentals

Get to know the macro-economic factors that affect the narrative and drive price action.

Top-Down Approach

Understand how the overall economy drives the markets and how this affects asset prices.

Risk On/Risk Off Regimes

What is the current investment regime? Identify changes in traders activity in response to economic patterns.

High Probability Areas

Discover the areas on your chart that can give you reward/risk trades of at least 2:1 or higher.

Clear Entry and Exit Points

Discover set-ups that will give you precise signals to enter a trade and where to exit. No more uncertainty.

Multi-Strategy Approach

Day-trading , swing trading, any time frame, use our approach together with your own and get an additional edge.

Global Macro Forex Trader Contents

improve your trading performance

Become a Global Macro FX Trader!

Access our Global Macro Trading course, especially designed for FX Traders and learn how to  trade like a real pro, using both Macro Fundamental and advanced price action concepts. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know to start trading profitably and earn an additional source of income. This training program is the very first step you need, on your way to reach your trading goals.

Technical Strategies With An Edge

Our comprehensive trading course will introduce you to professional level Technical Analysis that will help you start trading successfully. We explain everything in a simple but, effective way, from A to Z. Access technical strategies that have been tested extensively and will help you trade for consistent profits.
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Make Smarter Trading Decisions

Technical Analysis is not only about moving averages, MACDs or other indicators. It is about knowing who is in control, the buyers or the sellers! It is about being able to explain the behavior of market participants. Do it correctly and you should be able to identify High Reward-Risk set-ups. If you wish to confidently decide when to hold and when to “pull the trigger”, then you need to access our training!

Our students love our
approach to trading

My trading results have been transformed. I ended up with 1,165 pips profit on the USDJPY trade alone. I now have the skills and training to become a better trader thanks to Fotis Trading Academy. 
Jeff L. - USA
After one year with Fotis I am at a completely different place. I understand the economic landscape and forces in it. I plan my trades upfront with clear rules when to get in and out and why.
Guy R. - Netherlands
Before I joined FTA, I was like every other retail trader, struggling and losing money, until I got fed up and got a mentor. Three months later, my trading account gained over 7% in October and 19% in total.
Assim M. - U.K.
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