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 Get mentored privately, on a one-to-one basis, by our experienced professional traders
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  • Get Mentored and Master Macro Fundamentals...

    Extensive Training
    • Advance your knowledge in FX Trading and benefit from a tailor made program that suits you only and your own needs as a trader
    • Stop making the same mistakes repeatedly with our personalized training
    • Start trading like a pro, improve your trading results and change your financial future, with our assistance and professional feedback
  • ... and Start Trading Successfully Like a Real Pro!

    Fotis Trading Academy’s Mentoring program goes even beyond the traditional mentoring model. We’re also advisors. We’re coaches. We’re partners. But most importantly, we’re teachers, imparting upon you the decades of combined experience in top financial institutions.

Learn How to Trade FX just like a PRO

Here’s the advantage of our mentoring program. We are real traders and portfolio managers, having worked in private banking, hedge funds and asset management firms across Europe. Who is best to show you, how to trade profitably, a real professional portfolio manger and trader or, some random online "guru" with no experience in this industry?
Senior FTA Mentor - Beat Nussbaumer
learn global macro

Accurately Predict And Understand The Global Macro Narrative

trade under any conditions

Strong Trends or Ranging Price Action, Learn To Perform In Any Environment  

supeRcharge your performance

Longer Term Macro Trades Or Day-Trading, We'll Show You How to Trade For A Living


Here is what we will cover in
this program

Macro Fundamentals

Get to know the macro-economic factors that affect the narrative and drive price action.

Top-Down Approach

Understand how the overall economy drives the markets and how this affects asset prices.

Learn Technical Analysis

Learn directly from a Pro Forex trader, how to apply technical analysis to trade successfully.

Learn to Day-Trade FX

Our senior mentor will show you how to day trade FX markets for a living.

One on One Private Sessions

You will get trained privately, on a one to one basis, together with our one of our top, experienced trader.

Extensive Research and Charts

You will get access to extensive research, daily charts and trading ideas to supercharge your performance.
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Get Mentored Privately With You and Your Needs In Focus

This is your opportunity to shorten the learning curve and start trading like a professional trader faster than you think. You will get mentored by experienced, professional traders that will show you everything you need to know to improve your performance and get the trading results you seek. Get mentored privately, on a one to one basis, with your best interests at heart and experience the difference.

Get premium courses in 1 pack

You get a discount on the price of the Private Mentoring Program AND you will receive FREE access to the Global Macro Forex Trader AND the Hedge Fund Trader courses AND our Trading Ideas newsletter for 12 months. If you wish to seriously improve your trading skills then you don't want to miss this opportunity!
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How Determined Are You?

You might think you’re making a one-time purchase for a course. But it’s more than that. This is a valuable investment in your future lifestyle. Learn to trade for a living and learn to consistently generate income. Go ahead and create the future you want for you and your loved ones.

To sum everything up, you’re ready to start if you: 

  • Are Truly Dedicated To Trading
  • Are Determined To Succeed
  • Have The Right Mindset
  • Are Ready To Make A Positive Change In Your Life!

Please remember, as we work with you on a one-to-one basis and due to high demand, we’ve only got limited spots available. We would like to work together with traders that have a strong passion for trading. This is your opportunity to seriously improve your trading performance!
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