trader training & mentoring

Learn to trade like
a Hedge Fund Trader
and apply
Global Macro 
for bigger profits

We will show you how to use global macro fundamentals and advanced technical analysis, so you can start trading successfully and become consistently profitable. 
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Comprehensive Training

Learn everything you need to know to start trading profitably, from Global Macro analysis to advanced Price Action.

Proven Trading Tactics

Confidently decide when to trade and identify the best setups that will offer you the highest reward per risk, under any regime.

Trade Any Market

Access winning strategies and take advantage of opportunities,  in FX, and Indices to Cryptos and Futures.

Impactful Mentoring

We are experienced traders and portfolio managers. Join our first-class mentoring program and benefit from our trading knowledge.

 Trade Successfully UNDER ANY Conditions
and Boost Your Trading Performance 

Professional traders have designed the most comprehensive trader training program for you

#1 Learn Macro Fundamentals

Learn the Global Macro Fundamentals you need to trade successfully. Be able to identify the catalysts that drive prices. Understand price action and plan your next trades in advance.

#2 Boost Your Performance 

Let us show you a realistic and practical  approach to trading, very similar to how real pros trade and benefit from our own strategies and tools. 

#3 Work with Top Traders

Access our own analysis and get mentored by active professionals. You will learn concepts that traders are taught, while working at banks, hedge funds and prop trading firms. 
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Our Personal Guarantee

Nothing feels better than making your first profitable trade. The one where you put in days of work and diligent research and goes exactly as you predicted.

As a Professional Portfolio Manager and Trader we are providing you with a one-of-a-kind Trader Training  & Mentoring program, with that goal in mind, that very first profit, for every member.

But that’s just the first step!

Having navigated volatile markets through historical crises and prosperous markets we have condensed decades of experience into this program. We’re excited to show you what those years of experience have taught us and see what they will teach you.
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The Only Program You Need To Become A Successful Trader

Fotis Trading Academy has developed a practical Trader Training program, specifically designed to help you trade profitably within 90 days. You will gain a mastery of Global Macro, so you can plan your trades in advance. Additionally, with the Technical Training, we will show you how to trade price action with a distinctive edge. You will be able to identify high reward-risk opportunities and pinpoint your entries accurately. Most importantly, you will limit your draw-downs and trade with less stress and anxiety.

What you'll

Unique Learning Experience

Our training delivered in high-quality videos and articles, carefully divided into different thematic segments, will help you learn and apply the same kind of trading tactics and strategies that successful traders use.

Winning Trading Strategies

Benefit from professional level trading strategies with a distinctive edge that combine both macro fundamental analysis and price action and improve your trading performance dramatically.

Macro Fundamentals from A to Z

Did the Fed raise interest rates? You saw it coming a week ago. Did Chinese stocks slide on growth concerns? You made the trade before the panic and made a killing. There are endless opportunities.

Access Trading Ideas

Do you need further help? Are you trading alone? No, need to do that.  Join our private Discord group and look over our shoulder, as we take trades and benefit from our high probability trading ideas and insights.

Trade Any Market

Identify where we are in the economic cycle and discover opportunities in any market. From Forex to Stocks, ETFs and Cryptos, we have the answers for you.

Get Mentored by REAL Traders

Do you want to shorten your learning curve? Our professional traders will show you how to analyse and trade the markets, like a real pro for significant gains.

Improve Your Trading Results Straight Away

Inside our private Discord community, you will be able to access high probability trading ideas, as well as extensive analysis of the current Global Macro narrative that will give you a distinctive edge. Seize the opportunity to become consistently profitable and see your trading performance improve faster than you think.
  • Global Macro Analysis
  • FX & CFDs Trading Ideas
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Get Mentored Privately With You and Your Needs In Focus

This is your opportunity to shorten the learning curve and start trading like a professional trader faster than you think. You will get mentored by experienced, professional traders that will show you everything you need to know to improve your performance and get the trading results you seek. Get mentored privately, on a one to one basis, with your best interests at heart and experience the difference.

Check Our Special Bundle Offers and Save Up to 24%

This is a great opportunity to enhance your knowledge and acquire skills that will help you master trading. We are making it easier for you to join our community. 

We Offer Trader Training With An Edge

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Lesson series

We Are REAL Traders With Solid Track Records and Careers

Learn to trade and invest, directly from REAL pro traders and portfolio managers. We are experienced professionals, with solid track records to show. Fotis, our Senior Trader & Mentor has released numerous articles about Global Macro and Investments. His latest book is one of the best, extensive guides on applying Global Macro analysis to gain an edge in FX markets. Allow well-established traders to show you how to trade for a profit and reach your trading goals faster.

Check Our Special Bundle Offers and Save Up to 24%

This is a great opportunity to enhance your knowledge and acquire skills that will help you master trading. We are making it easier for you to join our community. 

Our students love our
approach to trading

My trading results have been transformed. I ended up with 1,165 pips profit on the USDJPY trade alone. I now have the skills and training to become a better trader thanks to Fotis Trading Academy. 
Jeff L. - USA
After one year with Fotis I am at a completely different place. I understand the economic landscape and forces in it. I plan my trades upfront with clear rules when to get in and out and why.
Guy R. - Netherlands
Before I joined FTA, I was like every other retail trader, struggling and losing money, until I got fed up and got a mentor. Three months later, my trading account gained over 7% in October and 19% in total.
Assim M. - U.K.
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